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  • Bank on the go with your Android phone

    Posted 07.01.2013

    New Resource Bank has released an Android app version of our mobile banking system, available from the Google Play Store. Clients can also access their accounts via the bank’s iPhone and mobile browser apps. The mobile banking application allows users to check balances, view their transaction history, and transfer funds between accounts. Business users can also approve wires and ACH transactions, as well as originate wires and ACH transactions using existing templates.

  • New online banking system goes live

    Posted 09.22.2011

    New Resource Bank’s new, improved online banking system is now live. Customers, if you haven’t checked it out yet, the first thing you’ll notice is a streamlined user experience—for example, whether you have a business or a personal account, you’ll log in directly from the home page. Other improvements, active now or on the way, include: Fast money

  • Online banking security is everyone’s responsibility

    Posted 08.26.2011

    Over the past few years, many business banking customers around the country have experienced fraud on their accounts as a result of viruses or trojans that have infected the computers used to do online banking. It’s been shown that fraudsters have managed to find a way around every online banking security procedure that has been put in place.

  • Coming soon: improved online banking

    Posted 06.28.2011

    New Resource Bank is upgrading our online banking system to give customers more powerful tools, greater flexibility and a better user experience—all while maintaining our current strict security standards. New features will include mobile banking; a customizable dashboard so you can see what you want to see when you log in; a new financial management tool called Money