Schedule of Fees and Related Charges

Account Research and Reconcilliation $40.00 Per hour
ATM Replacment Card $5.00
Cashier's Check $8.00
Collection Item U.S. dollar (USD) items $10 plus cost. non-USD items $25.00 plus cost
Copies of Checks, Statements, etc. $2.00
Early account closure fee (account closed within 90 days $25
Insufficient funds (paid item)
Insufficient funds (returned item)
$30 (daily maximum if six fees for paid and returned items)
Legal process (such as garnishments, etc.) $100
Money Mkt / savings excess activity fee $10
Notary services $10
Overdraft (applies to business only) $5 per day (starts on second day)
Paper Statements $3 per month
Return deposited item $10
Special periodic statement $10
Stop Payment $30
Traveler's checks 1.5 percent of total amount
Wire transfer incoming $11 domestic / $15 international
Wire transfer outgoing $30 domestic / $40 international
Deposit correction fee $15