Posted 08.01.2017

Q&A with Kay Adler: Transitions, Growth and Looking Towards the Future

Executive Vice President Kay Adler has been with New Resource Bank since 2011.  She has demonstrated impressive knowledge managing IT while expanding her expertise and passion for sustainability. Prior to coming to New Resource Bank, Kay managed IT at two credit unions and two community banks in San Diego, giving her a firm understanding of the technological needs of community-based financial institutions. Kay is currently spearheading the technical conversions at the core of our new online banking system, which goes online on August 14th (Check out our System Upgrade Overview for updates!)

To better understand this conversion, we spoke with Kay about upcoming internal and client-facing changes that will improve customer experience and streamline the banking system as a whole.

How and why does the old system need to be revamped? Why change at all?

Historically, there have been three primary banking software providers that run the back ends of most community banks. These providers have been around for the last 50 years, utilizing relatively old and slow systems. When these providers need a new service, they buy new software to bolt onto their existing infrastructure. Over the long term, this practice, of adding new software onto the old, has become inefficient and the resulting operating system does not work as effectively as one cohesive system could. This has made it difficult for small banks like ours to access cohesive new software.

Since I joined the New Resource Bank team I have been excited to find a new partner, and to integrate into more efficient software that can provide us a better platform for the bank’s growth. I’m happy to have found a provider that will function as a partner to our mission, and support us as a growing bank while providing a much-needed upgrade in how we manage and service our customers.

How does the new provider differ from the old?

The new provider will assist us in obtaining a better core banking system. They are interested in our business and mission, and are willing to listen to our needs. As a small community bank, we now have a partner that will work with us to grow in the right direction for years to come as well as provide software and services we want to make available to our customers. That’s why we’re converting away from the old provider to the new one.

What kind of improvements will customers see with this transition?

The transition provides a new foundation for bank growth.  The major streamlining will take place behind the scenes at New Resource Bank – it will only be visible to customers in small but satisfying ways such as our new-and-improved online banking and mobile app. Where customers have previously seen frustrating disconnects and system limitations, they will now see a more efficient and cohesive system. We will also be able to offer better customer service, and more accurately and consistently track conversations with customers and update customer information across our product services.

For example, in the past it has taken up to 45 minutes to open an account. We don’t think it should take that long. Now, courtesy of this new system, we will be able to streamline document completion so we can take on new projects and increase efficiency, as well as be more responsive towards customer needs.

Customers will be able to see other small positive changes, for instance the ability to temporarily disable their debit cards online, which may be helpful when a customer is traveling or loses their wallet. Other small but streamlining changes, such as being able to use your thumbprint to access your balance, will be available.

How will this transition align with New Resource Bank’s mission? What makes New Resource Bank special?

I have always worked at community institutions and I came to New Resource Bank because helping this inspiring customer base do what they do excited me. I love being part of a bank that values purpose and sustainability, and I feel lucky to be part of the tight-knit community made up of our clients. New Resource Bank cannot change the banking world on its own; however, collaborating with our customers who are changing the world through their businesses meets the people, planet and prosperity aspects of our mission.

Furthermore, this transition we help us grow our client network, creating a larger and broader community, which will benefit us as an institution in the long run and help bring values-based banking to new geographical communities.

For more information on our system changes and how it will affect other banking services, please visit System Upgrade.