New Resource Bank sponsors Sustainable Foods Summit evening reception

SAN FRANCISCO—New Resource Bank (OTCBB: NWBN) is sponsoring the cocktail reception at the Sustainable Foods Summit, happening January 22–23 in San Francisco. The reception will be held at 6:30 p.m. on the first day of the summit.

San Francisco–based New Resource is a pioneering sustainability-focused bank that has helped many well-known companies in the sustainable food space take their business to the next level, including Cowgirl Creamery, Straus Family Creamery, Blue Bottle Coffee, Ritual Coffee, Hog Island Oyster Co. and Andean Naturals. The bank’s vice president of commercial banking, Gary Groff, will be on hand at the reception to talk about his passion: how values-aligned financing helps sustainable companies grow while staying true to their mission.

“We’re very excited to participate in the summit and sponsor the cocktail reception,” Groff says. “New Resource is 100 percent focused on sustainability, and we’d love to talk with companies about how they can grow while preserving their mission. We look beyond the bottom line with our clients, and I have great stories to share about how we’ve worked with clients in the sustainable foods space to get the right financing.”

Groff and his team have helped a wide range of sustainability-oriented businesses obtain growth capital and make key connections. They challenge conventional thinking about financing, and work with businesses on sustainability investments that have tangible, long-term ROI. Groff has personally worked with Ritual Coffee, Heath Ceramics (see the story here), and many others.

During the reception and throughout the summit, Groff is available for conversations about sustainable business and banking. Some of his favorite topics are:

  • Sustainable banking versus traditional banking
  • Trends in organic and natural foods and products
  • Supplementing bank financing with equity, debt, and alternative debt financing
  • How to use loan guarantee programs, such as USDA, SBA and CalCap
  • What businesses need to do to become bankable
  • The business case for sustainability

About Gary Groff

Gary Groff joined New Resource in 2007 and has been a banker for more than 10 years. An avid surfer, he combines his lifelong environmentalism, banking expertise and commitment to community service as a board member and advisor to five nonprofits, including the Surfrider Foundation and SFMade.

About New Resource Bank

New Resource Bank ( is the premier bank for people who are leading the way to a more sustainable world. We match an entrepreneurial spirit with a dedication to achieving environmental and social as well as financial returns. Our mission is to advance sustainability with everything we do—the loans we make, the way we operate and our commitment to putting deposits to work for good.


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