New Resource Bank appoints Vincent Siciliano as CEO

San Francisco — New Resource Bank has tapped Vincent Siciliano, a longtime finance executive who has held the top spot at several California banks, as its new chief executive officer.

“We are pleased to have such a qualified and values-aligned CEO join the bank and its dedicated staff,” said New Resource’s recently appointed Chairman of the Board Mark A. Finser.

Siciliano brings a wealth of management experience to New Resource Bank. He served as chief executive officer at International Savings Bank, San Diego’s largest local savings and loan; president and chief executive officer of the Danielson Trust, a $1.5 billion trust company providing investment management services, and as chief operating officer at First National Bank. In 2001, he was hired as the CEO of 1st Pacific Bank of California. Under his management, 1st Pacific was named the best-performing de novo bank in California by The Findley Reports, a banking consulting firm.

A longtime environmentalist, Siciliano double majored in human biology and environmental engineering at Stanford, and received a master’s degree in environmental planning at the University of California at Berkeley. He also worked for the California Coastal Commission and the federal equivalent program in Washington, D.C. Siciliano and his wife Susan live in San Francisco.

As CEO of New Resource Bank, Siciliano says he will keep the bank focused on providing high-level customer service and supporting clients engaged in green and sustainable enterprises.

“I’ve learned through the years that a bank’s success is measured in the achievements of its clients,” said Siciliano. “New Resource Bank has established an impressive track record in a short period of time, funding some of the most innovative, creative and sustainable businesses in California. I am proud and excited to now be leading the effort to enhance New Resource Bank’s stature as a new model of lending institution focused on a triple bottom line—one that balances a commitment to the community and the environment as well as economic interests for the benefit of all of our stakeholders.”

New Resource Bank opened in late 2006 as a bank built “by the people and for the people” of their community. The founding organizers and initial shareholders brought together an unparalleled blend of proven entrepreneurial success along with banking expertise and community leadership. Currently, the bank has over $170 million in assets and serves over 2,000 clients. New Resource Bank received a “Reader’s Choice Award” by San Francisco Magazine in 2008 and this year won the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Environmental Award.


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