New Resource Bank appoints SVP to lead Commercial Banking Group

Silicon Valley veteran Joe Anzalone to manage business lending and develop target markets

San Francisco — New Resource Bank (OTCBB: NWBN) has appointed Joe Anzalone senior vice president in charge of the Commercial Banking Group. He is responsible for managing business lending, including the bank’s new asset-based lending program, and developing target markets.

Anzalone is a Silicon Valley veteran with extensive experience in operating, advising, and financing emerging growth and later-stage technology companies. He also has substantial banking expertise: during his 15-year stint at Silicon Valley Bank, where he was one of the early employees, he held a variety of executive positions, including SVP and manager of the Real Estate Division, manager of the Commercial Finance Division, and national sales manager.

“Joe Anzalone’s experience speaks directly to our needs to strengthen the bank and to grow,” said New Resource CEO Vince Siciliano. “His experience at Silicon Valley Bank included running their asset-based and construction-based lending programs; he has experience opening and managing offices; and his private-sector work is a great fit. Plus, his former clients are raving fans—that’s an important factor for community banking.”

“New Resource Bank is a natural new chapter for me,” Anzalone said. “It combines the things I know best: early-stage banking, how companies are formed and function, and green business. I want to be surrounded by great people and make a difference—the sustainability mandate of the bank is fantastic.”

Anzalone has also served as SVP, real estate and commercial finance, at Legacy Bank in Campbell, California, and founded Allegiant Ventures, a technology venture fund in Los Gatos, California. Most recently, Anzalone was president and COO of MediaG3, a Silicon Valley technology company. He began his career at Bank of America.

Anzalone graduated from Santa Clara University with a BS in commerce and finance, and received the graduate program certificate from ABA National Graduate School of Real Estate Finance.

About New Resource Bank
New Resource ( is a green community bank that aims to promote sustainable growth. The bank is a founding member of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values.


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