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Workshop helps nonprofit leaders align mission with financial reality

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New Resource Bank

In today’s economy, the challenges of nonprofits extends beyond fundraising and grant writing. Even deeply committed organizations can find it difficult to keep their mission aligned with financial reality. To address this challenge, New Resource Bank is hosting a dynamic workshop, Linking Money to Mission: A Balancing Act, which will provide nonprofit leaders with tools to analyze their organization’s financial situation and chart a steady course for achieving long-term goals.

The Dec. 3 program, led by Nicole Simoneaux, Director of Advisory Services for the Nonprofit Finance Fund, will cover interpreting financial statements to determine the health, share key metrics for benchmarking liquidity, provide a framework for assessing how capitalization goals can be integrated with annual budgeting and planning processes, and provide a discussion on the use of financials in articulating a nonprofit’s resource needs to stakeholders. (Attendance to this event is by invitation only.)

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