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Relationship focus brings benefits firm to New Resource

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“Relationship management—it’s that simple,” says Brian Hassan, co-founder of BayPoint Benefits, when asked what prompted his company to switch to New Resource Bank two years ago. “Personal relationships are the core of BayPoint’s client-focused philosophy, so New Resource was a perfect fit for us.”

BayPoint, an employee benefits consulting firm based in San Francisco, administers turnkey programs for companies in the United States and abroad. As a Certified B Corporation, BayPoint brings a focus on sustainability to its work in tailoring employee benefit and human resource solutions to client needs.

For example, while benefits administration traditionally consumes enormous amounts of paper, BayPoint has worked from its inception in 2006 to be as paper free as possible. Every document that comes in is scanned and made available to partners electronically. This allows BayPoint to save on printing and supply costs and reduce the storage space needed for paper files.

“We created a digital environment, and as a result we’re a very lean, nimble company taking advantage of the best technology,” says BayPoint co-founder Justin Roberts.

Seeking a sustainable supply chain

The relationship with New Resource is part of BayPoint’s commitment to sustainability. “We do a lot of business with companies focused on sustainable practices, and we were looking for a supply chain of vendors and partners who share the same core values,” says Hassan.

With New Resource, BayPoint got not only a local partner with shared values, but also an introduction to a broad network of compatible Bay Area businesses.

“The bank hosts quarterly seminars where we get to meet its other customers. It’s a great networking opportunity, a chance to connect with other sustainable businesses,” says Hassan. In addition to sharing best practices, the partners have been able to form working relationships with many “movers and shakers in the area of sustainability,” according to Hassan.

Thriving with personal attention

Hassan and Roberts were also impressed with the egalitarianism at New Resource. “All customers, whether they’ve got $100 in their accounts or several million, are treated equally by a banker who not only knows your first name, but who also really understands your business and your needs,” says Hassan.

It’s all fairly simple in the end, according to Hassan: “New Resource focuses on relationships, which is something that larger, more conventional banks don’t seem to have the time or inclination to do anymore. New Resource is conducting business the old-fashioned way—focusing on maintaining the connection with the customer.”

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