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New online banking system goes live

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New Resource Bank

New Resource Bank’s new, improved online banking system is now live. Customers, if you haven’t checked it out yet, the first thing you’ll notice is a streamlined user experience—for example, whether you have a business or a personal account, you’ll log in directly from the home page. Other improvements, active now or on the way, include:

Fast money transfers, in real time

Personal and business account holders can now transfer money to any other New Resource account in real time. You just need the other person’s email address and the last four digits of their account number to make immediate deposits. This gives you the ability to easily and quickly make deposits to children’s, relatives’ or employees’ accounts.

More robust online money manager

We’ve replaced FinanceWorks with Money Manager, a more robust tool. For example, Money Manager is better at automatically categorizing transactions than FinanceWorks, and it lets you set up rules to fine-tune the categorization process.

More flexible business banking

The system allows businesses to split a payroll entry between multiple accounts every time payroll is generated. Businesses can now set up external accounts at other financial institutions to transfer funds into and out of New Resource Bank accounts.

Company administrators can set up their subusers to be able to view only their own online activity, and to require dual approval above a certain transaction limit. For example, you could give an employee authority to transfer up to $10,000 on their own, but require approval by a second user for anything above that.

Coming soon: mobile banking, streamlined loan payment process

Our new mobile banking feature will be launching soon. You’ll be able to easily view transactions and transfer funds via a mobile browser or an app for Apple iPhones.

In addition, we’re simplifying our online loan payment process. Soon you’ll be able to request a loan payment directly through online banking instead of going through your account representative.

Questions or concerns?

Call us at 415,995.8100 or send email to onlinesupport with your questions.

Not that happy with the new website

Thank you for the feedback regarding our online banking. We've had a primarily positive response, but we understand everyone might not be happy with the change. The new online banking system does allow us to expand our services to consumers and businesses along with improved security. Our plans are to continue to enhance our offerings -- our first enhancement, mobile banking, is coming soon.

We'd appreciate the opportunity to discuss your specific frustrations to see how we can address them. You can reach us at 415-995-8100 or

Not that happy with the new website

I understand you may have added some new functionality, but it is not so obvious to me. What is more apparent unfortunately, is that the experience is not improved at all. The site feels disjointed, and navigating the site is unintuitive. It pains me to say this because I have been considering making New Resource my primary bank for a while now, but the convenience of the online experience is particularly important to me. I hope this isn't the last design change for a while, but rather the beginning of more iterations and improvements.

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