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New branch manager steps up product, service development

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New Resource Bank

New Resource is stepping up sales and marketing efforts with the appointment of Gary Groff to the new position of branch manager at bank headquarters.

Groff, formerly vice president, relationship manager at New Resource, was a branch manager for Union Bank before joining New Resource two years ago. He’s sitting at the front of the house now, and encourages customers to stop in and say hello—or maybe you’ll catch him cycling to work, surfing at Ocean Beach or snowboarding in the Sierra.


What will you be doing as branch manager?
I’m in charge of branch goals and management. We’re putting together goals as a team, and we’re ready to more proactively go out and get business. That includes developing and delivering new products.

I’ll continue to manage the residential solar lending program and small-business lending, and I’ll be training staff on the retail side to do some of that work as well. The branch should be where we develop new managers and the next group of bankers. We have such a good staff now, it’s exciting for me to work with everyone directly.

I’ll be much more visible in the branch. I hope to have a lot more interaction with potential and existing clients, deepen the relationships we have, provide more service and work with the staff to handle the challenges that come with growth.


What differences will customers notice?
We’ll be providing more resources for the small businesses and individual depositors we work with—like networking and community events. The new nonprofit package is part of that (see “New Banking Package Saves Nonprofits Money”); next is a small-business package.

The small-business package goal will be to address all the needs that a business has and try to help them cut down on paper use and streamline their banking process. There might be more opportunities to do things online or at their own office—for example, to make deposits at the office with remote deposit capture.


What attracted you to New Resource?
The mission definitely attracted me. It’s so nice to take my banking expertise and be able to connect it with my personal interests and sustainability goals. Before I heard about New Resource Bank, I didn’t think it was possible.

You see an organization like New Resource that fits with your values, and you want to work there. And when you’re doing something you really care about, you don’t mind staying late or doing something extra; I think that comes through in our service. You see entrepreneurs come in to bank with us, and it’s a really neat experience to feel like you’re contributing to their success.

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