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Meet your bankers: Michael Colombo

Michael Colombo
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New Resource Bank

Last month in our occasional series of “meet your bankers” interviews we profiled Corporate Banking Officer  Christie Scourtes. This time we’re focusing on Senior Operations Associate Michael Colombo, who joined New Resource Bank right after it opened.

What he does In his job, which falls under the broad category of “back office operations,” Michael specializes in catching and correcting errors. His daily routine involves a lot of quality control, customer service and branch support—anything from checking on a customer’s ATM card to handling an international wire transfer.

What he likes about it “I’ve been in banking my whole career,” he says. “After working for several different institutions, it’s been really fulfilling to work for a bank with a mission I can stand behind.”

His enthusiasm for what New Resource is doing extends to what the customers are up to as well. “When I hear about one of our customers doing something newsworthy, I can’t wait to share it with my coworkers. They get just as excited as I do,” Michael says.

How it all started “Growing up in the Bay Area, I was always interested in environmental issues,” says Michael. He joined Friends of the Earth, an early environmental advocacy group, while he was still in high school, long before the word sustainability came into vogue.

After spending a few years in Idaho, where his family has roots, Michael returned to the Bay Area in part because of its environmental awareness. Back in his hometown of Concord there was a community awareness about environmental issues he felt was missing in Idaho. “It was very beautiful there,” he says, “but it felt like [the locals] really took it for granted and did nothing to maintain the environment.”

Michael first heard about New Resource back in 2006, when a friend was applying for a job at what sounded like a very new kind of bank. The idea of combining his banking background with his personal philosophy was too tempting to pass up, so he also applied and became one of the bank’s first employees.

Life outside the bank Michael’s enthusiasm for maintaining the planet’s well-being is matched by a lifelong commitment to helping animals. He’s spent many years as a volunteer assisting with wild and domestic cat rescue. If he could afford it, he’d be a full-time volunteer.

His passions On the back of every New Resource employee’s business card you’ll find a list of “passions,” which can be anything that stirs their soul. Michael’s list? Protecting the environment, rescuing abused cats, historic preservation and silent films.

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