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Meet your bankers: Christie Scourtes

New Resource Bank
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New Resource Bank

We’re proud that customers rave about New Resource Bank’s great service, and thought you might like to get to know some of the people who make it happen behind the scenes. First up in our occasional series of “meet your bankers” interviews: Corporate Banking Officer Christie Scourtes, who joined our team three years ago.

What she does Christie’s job is to support the bank’s corporate clients, focusing on deposit accounts, which involves a lot of phoning and emailing. She also troubleshoots online services. Due to the nature of the job, it’s rare for Christie to have face-to-face contact with customers—so she may be working for you without you even knowing it.

What she likes about it Although she wouldn’t mind seeing customers more often, Christie’s job allows her to pursue her personal mission of working toward a more sustainable future. She likes banking, but it’s New Resource’s commitment to sustainability that’s the real perk. “The bank’s mission is what attracted me, and it’s what will keep me here,” she says.

For Christie, one of the benefits of being at New Resource is working with others who share her commitment to sustainability and the environment. “None of us are part-time in this,” she says. “We’re all dedicated to the mission of the bank, as well as to our customers.” In addition, she says, working for clients who put their money where their values are is its own reward: “Learning about all the great things and good work our customers are doing has been inspirational.”

How it all started Christie traces her interest in sustainability to a family vacation when she was 9 years old. She was raised in Grass Valley, California, but traveled frequently to Greece to visit relatives while growing up. On one visit, she remembers being in Athens and realizing that she could barely see across the street because of the heavy smog. “I had an epiphany of sorts,” she says. “My hometown is very green and wooded, and it occurred to me that without protection, it might not always be beautiful.”

Life outside the bank Today, Christie still loves visiting her ancestral homeland, but she’s keeping an eye on her carbon footprint and exploring closer to home. When she’s not at work, Christie is outdoors as much as possible, and can often be found on a walkabout in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.

Her passions Flip over any New Resource employee’s business card and you’ll see several “passions.” Numbers one and two on Christie’s list: pursuing a sustainable lifestyle and exploring new places.

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