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Changing Finance to Finance Change: Reflections from our CEO

Posted 04.05.2017

We are in a time of crisis, the symptoms of which can be found the world over. Rampant environmental destruction suffers no financial repercussions. Significant wealth disparities result in the rich becoming richer, while the poor become poorer. Exacerbating these is a common belief that our financial system, defined by raw capitalism and ruled by an omnipotent invisible


Impact CD update: Spring 2017

Posted 04.04.2017

The New Resource Bank Impact CD lets investors choose one of three impact areas to support with their deposits: clean energy projects, organic and natural products or nonprofit organizations. In the first quarter of 2017, nonprofit lending remained the most popular choice, followed by lending to clean energy projects and organic and natural product companies. We currently have $11.6 million


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You’re Invited: Women Changemakers Connect

New Resource Bank has an incredible community of changemakers and we are hosting our second event centered around women changemakers. Through networking and facilitated small groups, you will engage with other women on various topics and connect with other leaders interested in forming a peer circle, and leave with guidelines and tools to help you successfully start and run a peer circle.


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