Posted 05.08.2017

New Resource Bank Proudly Supports Sacramento River Basin through TerraPass

Photo credit: TerraPass

In our ongoing commitment to protecting the environment, New Resource Bank kicked off our annual purchase of Water Restoration Certificates from TerraPass to offset the water usage that we are unable to eliminate in our daily operations. Each certificate represents 1000 gallons of water restored to critically de-watered freshwater ecosystems. For 2016, we purchased 121 metric tons of Water Restoration Certificates which, in turn, TerraPass contributed to the protection of the Sacramento River Basin.

The beneficiary project partners with The Nature Conservancy’s Bird Returns Program and local rice farmers to keep fields flooded to sustain critical wetland habitat in California’s Central Valley, where almost 95% of wetland habitat has been lost. The project provides an important new revenue stream for rice growers, while creating a water and wetland lifeline for hundreds of thousands of migratory birds. Learn more on the TerraPass website.