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New Resource makes the Best for the World list

New Resource Bank
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New Resource Bank

Everyone at the bank is excited to see New Resource on the third annual “B Corp Best for the World” list.

The nonprofit B Lab publishes the list to recognize Certified B Corporations that are creating the most positive overall social and environmental impact. This year’s list honors 92 businesses worldwide that earned an overall score in the top 10 percent of all B Corps on the B Impact Assessment, a rigorous and comprehensive assessment of a company’s impact on its workers, community and the environment. See the bank’s B Corp profile for highlights of our assessment.

New Resource is among 26 honorees in the Small Businesses category (10–49 employees), with a B Impact Assessment score of 150 (80 is required for certification). We’re proud to be in such inspiring company, and we’re especially proud that a number of our clients also made the list:

Alter Eco, a food company that works with dozens of small-scale agricultural cooperatives to provide a range of fair trade, organic and carbon-neutral foods.

Andean Naturals, a quinoa wholesaler that acts as a bridge between South American farmers and U.S. food companies and has facilitated the growth of the organic and fair-trade quinoa market.

Beartooth Capital, an impact investment fund manager whose mission is to generate strong investment returns, real conservation results and community benefits.

Give Something Back, California’s largest independent office supply company, which has made giving back to communities integral to its mission.

Green Retirement Plans, a firm that helps businesses, nonprofits and their employees harness the power of their retirement plan assets for good.

Imprint Capital, an impact investment firm that creates and manages high-performing impact investment portfolios for foundations, families and financial institutions.

Mal Warwick Associates, an integrated fundraising and advocacy agency that helps nonprofits and political organizations build long-term, mutually rewarding relationships with individual donors.

RSF Capital Management, a social finance firm that provides investing, lending and giving services that generate positive social and environmental impact while fostering community and collaboration among participants.

The B Corp motto, “the change we seek,” resonates at New Resource. To us, banking isn’t just a service: it’s a way to create a better world. The leaders listed above and many other companies and nonprofits we work with aren’t just thinking about solutions—they’re making them happen, and we’re here to help.

The full list of “Best for the World” honorees is available at


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