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Meet your bankers: Pat Riccetti

Pat Riccetti
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New Resource Bank

Last time in our occasional series of “meet your bankers” interviews we profiled Senior Loan Administrator Elena Rocha. This time we’re focusing on Senior Accountant Pat Riccetti, who joined New Resource Bank right after it opened.

What he does Pat is the numbers guy. His job is accounting as we all know it: capturing, configuring, analyzing and reporting financial information. On any given day he might monitor accounts for accuracy, prepare and analyze balance sheets, do reconciliations, process invoices, issue checks or create statistical reports for the Federal Reserve Bank, California Department of Financial Institutions and the U.S. Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council.      

What he likes about it Being part of a sustainability-focused organization is high among Pat’s favorite things about working for New Resource. Most of all, though, he enjoys dealing with numbers. “I have done accounting all my life—pretty much from childhood, ” Pat says. “Math was always easy for me. Believe it or not, I had fun playing with statistics.”

How it all started What initially piqued Pat’s interest in New Resource was helping a small community bank establish itself. He didn’t know much about green banking, but he found that idea fascinating too. After 25 years as a chief accountant with another small bank, he was ready to be part of something new and exciting.

Among his first challenges was to help streamline certifications and reports for New Resource and regulatory agencies. Another was to assist the CFO in presenting stockholders and regulatory agencies with a true financial picture of the bank. Meeting both challenges required robust systems that were not all in place at the time. “I got to set up reports from scratch, really put my stamp on things,” he says. “To see the bank thrive and be profitable now is very satisfying.”

Life outside the bank Family is Pat’s first priority, so his free time is spent with his wife and two sons, aged 20 and 23. He has always been actively involved in his sons’ lives, from coaching their baseball, basketball and soccer teams to raising funds for the high-school drama department. For relaxation, Pat helps friends with computer problems by taking PCs apart and rebuilding them.

His passions Flip over any New Resource employee’s business card and you’ll see several “passions.” Pat’s are family, coaching, computer tinkering and planet-smart banking.

awesome story

Thank you Mr Riccetti, for your service in this bank.

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