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It’s Bank Transfer Day—help us put more money to work for good

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New Resource Bank

New Resource Bank has seen a surge of new accounts inspired by the run-up to Bank Transfer Day (officially tomorrow) and the reinvigorated Move Your Money campaign.

We opened about twice our usual number of new accounts in October, and the first few days of this month have been even livelier: if business continues at this pace, we could open five times our typical number of new accounts in November.

If you’re among our many customers who’ve been referring friends, posting on Facebook and otherwise spreading the word, please keep doing it! Every dollar banked with New Resource is a dollar supporting the kind of economy we all want to see: environmentally conscious, socially beneficial and rewarding to everyone—business owners as well as their customers, employees, shareholders and communities.

Find out more about why it makes sense to move your money to New Resource, and get details on our incentive for new accounts here.

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