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planet-smart blog: new resource news
The New Resource Bank Impact CD lets investors choose one of three key sustainability-related sectors to support with their deposits: solar and other alternative energy projects, organic food and products or nonprofit organizations. In the...
California is entering its fourth year of drought. As a bank whose mission is built around promoting sustainability, our Green Team felt it was important we collectively address our dire water situation in California. We considered many...
New Resource Bank
Come July 20, 2015, we are moving to a new office space in the Financial District at 255 California Street, on the 6th floor. The move is precipitated by the end of our lease at 405 Howard Street and a lack of additional space in our...
New Resource Bank
Thanks to our clients for another memorable Client Appreciation Party! What better way to recognize our clients--the changemakers and torchbearers for social and environmental progress--than throwing a party for them?
New Resource Bank has a strong culture of volunteering. From 2013 to 2014, we doubled our cumulative volunteer hours from 767 total volunteer hours to 1,537 hours. That’s 38 hours of volunteering per person on average for the year!


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