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Meet your bankers: Skyler Webster

Skylar Webster
Author : 
New Resource Bank

We’re proud that customers rave about New Resource Bank’s great service, and thought you might like to get to know some of the people who make it happen behind the scenes. Next up in our occasional series of “meet your bankers” interviews: Skyler Webster, a commercial relationship manager who joined our team last year.


What he does

As Skyler’s title suggests, he works directly with enterprises and guides them through the entire loan process. Typically, he sits down with clients to get a solid understanding of their business model and finance needs. Then he analyzes financial statements and helps businesses find a loan structure that best fits their financial needs.

What he likes about it

“I get to help business owners and entrepreneurs grow their business,” Skyler says. “There are some interesting businesses out there, many with exciting missions. I get to live vicariously through them.”

How it all started

Skyler got his start in banking with an internship at American Savings Bank in Hawaii. After graduating from the MBA program at University of Hawaii, Skyler stayed on with American Savings Bank. When his wife had to move to a big city to stay with her firm, they chose San Francisco, and Skyler found the opportunity at New Resource to combine his sustainability commitment with banking.

For Skyler, sustainability is a built-in mindset. He grew up in a household of entrepreneurs where being sustainability-minded was “just the way it was.” New Resource Bank’s mission was a perfect match with Skyler’s values. “My role is similar to what it would be at another bank, but to be in an organization where I can align my values with the bank’s is pretty wonderful,” he says.

Life outside the bank

Besides sustainability, Skyler’s passion is soccer. He plays in a men’s league in San Francisco, and generally enjoys sports, cooking and traveling to new destinations to absorb local culture.

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