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May 23 Event Tackles Game-Changing Approaches to Sustainability

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New Resource Bank

It will take more than technology to transform our society, economy, and energy systems to operate within the constraints of the planet’s life support systems. New Resource Bank President and CEO Vince Siciliano joins an impressive group of thinkers from academia, business, and government at “WEST Summit 2013: Showcase of Solutions for Planetary Sustainability,” on May 23 at NASA Ames Research Center at Moffett Field.

The event, sponsored by NASA and Sustainable Silicon Valley, kicks off with some of the world’s leading climate scientists, including former NASA scientist James Hansen, laying out the global challenges we face and what it will take to address them.

At the “Revolutionary Leadership and Breakthrough Results” panel, Siciliano and several other panelists—including Bob Bishop, founder and president of the International Centre for Earth Simulation, and Steve Zornetzer, associate director of NASA Ames Research Center—will explore how leaders can create the momentum and courage to imagine and implement a new economy, a new society and a better future for all. 

The event also features “Solutions at the Scale of the Challenge--Intelligent Integrated Infrastructure,” a panel discussion on how advanced technology and innovation can transform urban infrastructure for energy, water, transportation, communications, and materials, and a Showcase Exchange with many of the 90 finalists from the event’s Call for Solutions competition. Ten of those finalists will pitch their ideas to a distinguished panel of judges in the competition for the WEST Summit 2013 Solutions Grand Prize, which will be announced during the closing session and presented by astronaut Karol "Bo" Bobko.

Learn more about the daylong event and purchase tickets here.


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