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Bioneers conference: New Resource CEO to speak; 20% discount for bank customers

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New Resource Bank

New Resource CEO and President Vincent Siciliano will speak on the future of banking at the 23rd Annual Bioneers Conference, taking place Oct. 19­­–21 in San Rafael, Calif. The Bioneers Conference brings together global thought leaders, experts and advocates to explore breakthrough solutions for a sustainable world.

Siciliano will participate in a panel discussion titled “Banking on the Future: Emergent Species of Equitable Banking Models,” hosted by Pachamama Alliance Co-Founder and President Bill Twist. The panel also includes Ellen Brown, president of the Public Banking Institute, and Marco Krapels, an executive vice president at Rabobank N.A. (part of the Rabobank Group, a global financial services provider headquartered in The Netherlands).

Visit Bioneers website for more information on the conference. For a 20 percent discount, enter promo code BC12AO4 when you register.


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