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New Resource Bank clients know how to party!

New Resource Bank
Author : 
Gary Groff

On Thursday January 5, New Resource Bank held its annual client reception and showcase. If you missed it, you missed quite a party!

More than 300 New Resource clients showed up on a beautiful night to mingle with like-minded people. The excellent food was provided by The Mindful Feast, while Medlock Ames and Shmaltz Brewing Company served wine and beer (wow—the Lenny RIPA Ale is fantastic!). Partygoers also enjoyed raw oysters from I Love Blue Sea seafood, tasty soup from CookSF, nut butters from Premier Organics, zesty treats from Nopalito (the best ceviche ever?), and healthy drinks from Zen Heart Biotica™ Kombucha.

Other client showcases included handmade ceramics from our friends at Heath Ceramics, the cutest kids books and toys you’ve ever seen from Petit Collage, electric bikes from The New Wheel, a out-of-this-world adventure travel site from Tresendas, and soothing balms from Elemental Herbs. We even had a guest appearance from Kate Sofis, the executive director of SFMade. Thanks also to Sustainable Surf, which provided a Styrofoam recycling bin (the nonprofit turns old Styrofoam into new surfboards). And who can forget our friends at Bicycle Coffee, which provided the java buzz to get us home?

Thanks to all of you for making this event even better than last year’s. I’m not sure how we’re going to top it next year—but we’ll try!


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