Posted 01.05.2017

Happy New Year! Here’s to Building a Better World in 2017

We wish you all happiness and prosperity in the New Year.

As we begin 2017, we are entering a time of uncertainty. We are facing a political climate that will not be receptive to many of our values. We cannot count on government to fight climate change, build the new economy or support social justice. Where does that leave new economy business leaders and changemakers like you and us? As leaders, we must articulate our vision for the new economy, an economy that is in service to all people and the planet. The new economy is one built around not only people and planet but also the tenet of prosperity, which includes basic economic security — employment, health, housing and education. Prosperity is an integral part of promoting sustainability, as without prosperity, environmental justice will fall on deaf ears.

Now is the time to double down on our values.  Activism is more important than ever. Sitting silently is not an option.

As a bank, we have a central role to play in this in two ways. First finance is foundational because what banks finance create the economy and world we see. For example, if banks are financing activities related to fossil fuel development, we can expect more environmental destruction. But if banks are using money as an agent of positive social, environmental and economic change then we can build the economy in an entirely new direction—one that promotes environmental protection, health and education and empowers communities. Second, we see ourselves as network builders in the new economy, helping to connect a network of businesses, nonprofits and individuals that together want to build a better world. We are proud to be the bank for such an incredible community and grateful you have chosen us.

We’re asking you in 2017 to stand tall in your values and be vocal advocates for the world we want to see. Together we can be a transformational force. We’ll hope you’ll join us.

Happy New Year!

~ Vince Siciliano and the New Resource Bank Team

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