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General Banking

  • What is the Bank’s ABA (or Routing) number?

    New Resource Bank’s Routing (also known as ABA) number is 121044369.

  • What number should I call if I’ve lost my debit card?

    Please call 800-500-1044 immediately if your debit card is lost or stolen.

  • How do I know what my Debit Card limit is?

    Limits on debit cards are very different than credit cards. Because the debit card transaction is taking funds out of your checking account immediately, we set limits on debit cards to protect your funds and your exposure to fraud. Even though you may have plenty of money in your checking account, you will be limited on how much of that is available by debit card (on PIN based transactions and signature based.) Personal accounts carry a $1,500 per business day limit on Point of Sale transactions and $515 per day at ATMs. Business limits vary; you can contact your banking officer for more information.

  • Will my debit card work overseas?

    We recommend that anytime you travel you take more than one card. If you notify us in advance of your travel, we can help you to reduce the chances that the transactions you’re doing overseas will be flagged as suspicious.

  • Should I notify the Bank if I will be traveling?

    Yes, there is a form to fill out within online banking to provide us the information that we need.

    Once logged in just go to services > travel request. If you do not have online banking access please call our customer support team at 415-995-8160.

  • What are the Bank’s wiring instructions (for sending money to my New Resource Bank account)?

    Incoming Wire Instructions – Domestic

    Incoming Wire Instructions – International

    Please note that our International Wire Instructions changed effective April 3, 2017.

    If you are accepting an international wire in a foreign currency other than what is listed in the attached instructions, please use US Dollar instructions.

  • What makes New Resource different from most other banks?

    Acting on our credo—“rethink, rebuild, renew”—New Resource Bank seeks to promote and support sustainability in our clients and among our employees. The deposits you make are used to make loans to socially and environmentally responsible organizations who are building a better world. The money deposited in our Impact CDs is used to fund projects for non-profits, organic products, or clean energy.

  • How can I setup my loan for automatic payments?

    Send an email to your banking officer or [email protected] and let us know which account (last four digits only) you’d like to debit and we’ll transfer the amount due on the due date until the loan is paid off or you tell us to stop.

  • How can I make a deposit to my New Resource account?

    We currently have four ways for you to make a deposit into your New Resource Bank account:

    1. At our branch located at 255 California Street, Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94111
    2. Use your mobile phone. Details on mobile remote deposit capture are found here
    3. Deposit your check or cash in one of our shared ATM network locations. We are part of the Moneypass and STAR shared deposit programs. You can find a deposit accepting ATM by clicking on the link and searching by your zip code. Please make sure you filter by “deposit taking” for Moneypass and “STAR shared deposit” for our STAR network.
  • How can I send the Bank a secure email?

    The best way to do this is through online banking. Once logged into the site, click on “messages” in the Services section in the left navigation panel. From the following screen you can create a new message by clicking “new”. On the message screen, you can safely upload an attachment (like a statement) and provide sensitive information. We should respond to your message within 24 hours.

Online and Mobile Banking

  • How should I contact the bank if I can’t log into online banking?

    Below are answers to our most commonly asked questions. If you can’t find your answer, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or 415.995.8100.

  • How do I get setup for Mobile Banking?

    In order to use Mobile Banking, you have to be a current online banking customer. Once you’re registered and logged in, go to the “mobile” link under “preferences” in the left navigation panel. From this screen, you’ll need to read the disclosure and click submit to authorize your login ID within Mobile Banking. You can then send yourself the link for the mobile browser version or go to the iPhone app store or Google Play store and download the app.

  • Does the online banking system work with Quicken or Quickbooks?

    Quicken: There are a few methods that Quicken and Quickbooks can work with your bank accounts. We offer two ways to connect your account to Quicken. For both methods you have to be fully enrolled in online banking. The first method Intuit calls “Web Connect”. You would download your account and it will automatically go get the transactions. By setting up your accounts through Express WebConnect, you can also do transfers between your accounts from within Quicken. There are specific instructions on setting up Express WebConnect here.

    Quickbooks: The methods for working with Quickbooks are slightly different. If you are using Quickbooks Online, you can setup Express WebConnect. This will allow you to setup your accounts within the Quickbooks application and it will go to online banking and pull in the transactions. If you’re using a version of Quickbooks that is installed locally on your computer, the only method of interfacing is through Intuit’s WebConnect service. From within online banking, you’ll save a file of transaction history in the specific QBO file format. Then from within Quickbooks, you’ll import that file and Quickbooks will add the transactions to your register. More information can be found here. Unfortunately, what Intuit called “DirectConnect” is no longer available to our Quicken Quickbooks clients.

  • Does the Bank’s online banking system work with Mint?

    Yes, New Resource Bank’s online banking system does work with Mint. However, the system that Mint has created logs into your account as if it were you at your computer. Often times, this schema can have difficulty working with banks’ authentication algorithms and can often lead to locking you out of online banking. Please be aware of this when adding your accounts into a system like Mint that isn’t setup within the Bank’s arena of control. We offer a free personal money management system through our website, Money Manager. This system has been configured to work with New Resource Bank’s online banking system. You can get to it from within Online Banking by clicking on Money Manager under the Accounts section in the left navigation panel.

  • How can I protect myself from online identity theft?

    We have created several pages of valuable information on our website in the security section. See for specific information regarding protecting yourself from identity theft.

  • What is “Money Manager”?

    Money Manager is a free online personal financial management tool, much like Quicken, but online. It allows you to track all your expense transactions and see where you are spending your money. You can set budgets and monitor your progress. Money Manager will automatically add in your New Resource Bank accounts; and you can add in accounts you have with other Banks, trading houses, mortgage companies, credit cards even rewards accounts to get a total picture of all your finances. It’s a great tool that we’ve gotten a lot of very positive feedback about.

  • In online banking, I have to enter a secure access code every time I log in, why?

    This is what will happen if you don’t have cookies enabled properly. Different browsers handle this differently, however, you’ll need to set up the following sites to set cookies and keep them until they expire (don’t allow the browser to delete the cookies when the browser is closed):;;;


  • Why didn’t my online banking transfer post to my account?

    The most common reason this happens is because the transaction wasn’t confirmed. When you submit the payment on the funds transfer screen, it leaves it in a “drafted” status until you click on the Approve button from the Online Activity screen. If you want to avoid this second step, you can initiate the transfer in a different way. From the account summary screen, mouse over the New Resource Bank logo at the end of the account line on the right side of the screen. You should be presented a “quick action” menu with a choice of Transfer To and Transfer From. Choose the appropriate screen based on what you’re trying to do and you’ll then get a chance to choose the other side of the transaction and amount. When you click submit from this screen, the transfer will go immediately requiring no further approval. If you receive an error, there is another reason the transfer could not be processed, such as insufficient funds or privileges, contact the Bank for further assistance.

  • Can I make my loan payment online?

    Yes, you can make a loan payment online. There is a link to “make a loan payment” under the transactions section in the left navigation panel. From the following screen, choose where you want the funds to come from and how you’d like them applied (if applicable) and click submit. Someone will contact you from the Bank if the transfer can’t be made as you’ve requested. If this Loan Payment screen isn’t there for you, it’s most likely because your loan isn’t linked to your online banking profile. That can be resolved with a quick secure message to the bank requesting your loan be linked.

  • How do I transfer money to another New Resource customer?

    Consumer clients can setup another New Resource Bank client’s account to receive transfers. From within online banking, click on “Setup Other Accounts” from the “Accounts” section in the left navigation panel. Choose “transfer to another New Resource accountholder.” From the next screen, you have a choice of doing a onetime transfer or setting up a link to this account for future transfers. The recipient of the funds needs to be an online banking customer and you’ll need the last four digits of their account number and the email address registered for them within online banking. When doing the transfer, this is one screen where it doesn’t ask you to confirm the transfer – when you click submit, the transfer is processed.

    Business customers wishing to utilize this service will first need to contact the Bank to authorize the linking of the non-business owned account.

  • How do I transfer money to or from my account at another institution?

    To setup an external account, click on the “Add external account” link under Accounts in the left navigation panel and click “view.”  From the following screen enter the account information and click continue.  You’ll then be contacted by someone at the bank to verify the ownership of the account before it can be activated.

  • How do I setup an alert that tells me when my account balance is low?

    Alerts can be setup to notify you when your balance reaches a certain threshold, when online transactions have occurred on your account or when a transaction posts to your account (from outside online banking). To setup alerts, choose “alerts” from the “preferences” section in the left navigation panel. To setup a balance based alert, choose “new account alert” from that Add drop down box. To setup an alert to notify you when someone conducts a certain transaction through online banking, choose “new transaction alert”. To setup an alert for any other account activity (like check clearing or ACH debits over a certain amount) chose “add history alert”. The default notification for all alerts is to send you a message through online banking. You can change this setting to call you, send you an email or send you a text message. The notification doesn’t tell you the specifics of the transaction that caused the alert, only that the alert was triggered.

  • Can I link up my son or daughter’s account to mine for transfers?

    You can setup another New Resource Bank customer’s account to receive transfers. From within online banking, click on “Setup Other Accounts” from the “Accounts” section in the left navigation panel. Choose “transfer to another New Resource accountholder.” From the next screen, you’ll choose to set up a link to this account for future transfers. The recipient of the funds needs to be an online banking customer and you’ll need the last four digits of their account number and the email address registered for them within online banking. Once you’ve linked the account, the account will show up in the “transfer to” drop down box on the funds transfer screen. From the funds transfer screen, you can setup recurring transfers by changing the transfer frequency settings.

  • How does bill payment work?

    You’ll access bill payment from our online banking site. You’ll enroll in Bill Payment by providing a few pieces of information about yourself and then setting up your billing payees. You can setup recurring payments and for some merchants or payees, you can setup e-billing where the bill is sent directly to your Bill Pay account and you can review the statement and pay it all in one place. When you submit a bill payment, the funds will most likely be debited from your account electronically on the date you specify. In some cases, the bill payment vendor may create a check that’s drawn on your account; in these cases, your account won’t be debited until the check clears your account.

  • Sometimes a bill is paid by check and sometimes electronically, why?

    Our Bill Payment provider handles payments via check or electronic transfer. Additionally they will sometimes submit a check drawn on your bank account or take the money from your account electronically and send a check drawn on their internal accounts. The amount of the payment, other payments going to that vendor and the users history with bill payment are all factored into whether or not to send any particular payment via check or bank transfer and minimize risk of funds being lost. This sometimes means that a payment will be sent one way one time and a different method the next. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you, but unfortunately, at this time, it’s out of our control.

  • What should I do if my bill payee didn’t receive payment?

    Unfortunately sometimes this happens. Please contact our Bill Payment support department at 888-918-7636 for individuals and 800-723-9429 for businesses.

  • How can I send money to others?

    Our online banking vendor doesn’t have a service like “pop money” to send payments to unrelated people / accounts. However, there are services available to everyone like Dwolla and SquareCASH. These vendors aren’t tied to any bank and they allow customers to send money from any account anywhere to anyone with an email address. Dwolla charges $.25 per transaction regardless of the transaction amount. You’ll setup an account on their site ( ) and validate your checking account info with a few very small transactions and then you’re free to send money. The recipient receives an email that money is waiting for them. They’ll setup their account information and the money will be transferred to them. New Resource Bank is not affiliated with Dwolla and can not endorse their products, but we have tested it and it worked!  SquareCASH is tied to debit cards and is an app for phones and tablets, once setup, it’s quick and easy to send money to anyone.

  • How do I switch from paper to online statements?

    Once you’re in online banking, click on statements in the accounts section in the left navigation panel. A new window will open and you will be provided a disclosure asking you to agree to receive your statements electronically. By accepting this disclosure and enrolling in the online statement service, your account will automatically be switched to e-statements and paper statements will no longer be generated.

  • How do I see more than just my recent transactions?

    The system will default to displaying the most recent 50 items. You can change the default to more items or a certain number of days by going to account preferences. Additionally, when you’re on the “history” screen, you can request more items by clicking on the “Search” button and choosing “Range of Dates” then enter the range of dates you’d like to display and click the green “submit” button.