planet-smart credit cards

New Resource Bank’s credit card program provides a wide range of options to meet the needs of business, nonprofit and personal banking customers. Options include:

Small businesses

  • Visa Business Bonus Rewards Card: credit limit over $25,000 and 25 percent bonus on all points earned
  • Business Bonus Rewards Plus Card: free employee cards with one annual fee per company and 50 percent bonus points on all points earned
  • Visa Business Card: no annual fee and an introductory, zero-interest rate

Larger businesses

  • Visa Signature Business Company Card: a large credit line and a rewards program for midsize companies.
  • Elan One Card: merges many cards into one statement. Clients can manage where cards are used and receive $100,000 protection against each instance of employee misuse.


  • CommUNITY Card: credit limit up to $250,000 and no annual fee. Nonprofits and municipalities established for at least two years are eligible.

Personal banking

  • Visa Signature Bonus Rewards and Visa Signature Bonus Rewards Plus cards: unlimited reward points and cash back on the first purchase
  • Visa Platinum Card: low introductory interest rate
  • College Rewards Visa Card: no annual fee
  • Secured Visa Card: small annual fee for customers interested in building a credit history

Application information for personal and basic business credit cards is available within online banking, in the Services drop-down menu. Contact your banker to learn more about the Visa Signature cards, the Elan One Card and the CommUNITY Card.

Elan Financial Services is the creditor, issuer and service provider of New Resource Bank’s credit cards.


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