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New Resource Bank

As it turns out, a lot.  We recycled so much textile waste in two weeks that we won a city-wide competition!

After two weeks of dedication, bringing in bags full of pants, shirts and the perhaps the most original item—...

Back in 2012, San Francisco Conservation Corps (SFCC), an inspiring nonprofit that serves young adults, needed a bank loan to bridge the gap between paying a contractor for their new recycling facility...

New Resource Bank

Come July 20, 2015, we are moving to a new office space in the Financial District at 255 California Street, on the 6th floor. The move is precipitated by the end of our lease at 405 Howard Street and a lack of additional space in our...

New Resource Bank was awarded the San Francisco Green Business Award from the San Francisco Department of Environment on February 5. Vincent Siciliano, CEO, accepted the award along with Jenise Bermudez, Sarah Mullinax Schaadt, Tracy...

New Resource Bank

Thanks to our clients for another memorable Client Appreciation Party!

What better way to recognize our clients--the changemakers and torchbearers for social and environmental progress--than throwing a party for them?


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