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The New Resource Bank Impact CD lets investors choose one of three key sustainability-related sectors to support with their deposits: solar and other alternative energy projects, organic products or nonprofit organizations. In the first...

The trade association Western Independent Bankers (WIB) honored New Resource in March as one of its Innovative Community Banks of the Year.

New Resource won in the Product Innovation category for our...

New Resource Bank

Everyone at the bank is excited to see New Resource on the third annual “B Corp Best for the World” list.

As a frequent visitor to a small town near Quepos, Costa Rica, Jenise Bermudez has seen villagers struggle to reach their jobs or obtain clean drinking water when an important side road washes out in heavy rain. The experience struck...

Stephanie Meade

Next up in our occasional series of “meet your bankers” interviews: Stephanie Meade, who joined our team just last month as director of sustainability and marketing.

What she does

As director...


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