Our personal banking customers get service big banks can’t equal, including a team of personal bankers they can call on for banking needs and questions. Really: no call center, no voicemail maze.

  • Our customers get the satisfaction of knowing that their money is creating a more sustainable community.

  • We offer a range of accounts—from basic to fully loaded. Choose the one that suits you best.

  • Every checking account comes with a debit card that generates donations for nonprofits—at no cost to you.

  • Deposits to savings and money market accounts support loans to businesses and organizations that are advancing sustainability.

  • We finance sustainable businesses and projects, so you know your CD funds are helping to improve the world.

  • New Resource’s online personal banking is the most sustainable and convenient way to manage your personal accounts.


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Beginning on October 25, personal / consumer users will be required to register their browser within online banking. This is a onetime process that is quick and easy -- just follow the prompts after signing in.