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New Resource Bank’s news releases and media coverage are below. You can also find news posts and newsletter articles in the planet-smart blog.


News Releases and Media Coverage

New Resource Bank honored as ‘Best for the World,’ creating the most overall positive social and environmental impact
New Resource Bank names Stephanie Meade director of sustainability and marketing
New Resource Bank reports fourth quarter 2013 financial results
New Resource Bank sponsors Sustainable Foods Summit evening reception
New Resource Bank reports third quarter 2013 financial results
New Resource Bank names Stephen Rossi chief financial officer

Huffington Post

Top 3 Reasons Banks Say No to Loan Applications from Great Businesses

In this blog for the Huffington Post, New Resource Senior Vice President Gary Groff gives growing businesses an insider look at why banks might say no to loan applications—and what businesses can do to increase their chances of getting a yes.

NEXT Accelerator

How asset-based lending can help you out of cash flow jams

In this article for the New Hope Natural Media site NEXT Accelerator, New Resource Senior Vice President Gary Groff explains asset-based lending and how it can help companies with cash-flow dilemmas obtain the funds they need now to fuel revenue growth on the horizon.

Sustainable Brands

The Key to Growth Without Compromise: Finding the Right Financing

In an article for Sustainable Brands, New Resource Vice President Gary Groff  shares the success stories of three mission-driven companies whose key finance strategies were based on choosing funders that understood the opportunities in their sector and supported their mission.

SF Bay

Lenders Offer Green for Being Green

“We want to work with someone who is not just interested in profit, but a business that has a strong commitment to sustainability and growth,” says New Resource Vice President and Relationship Manager Gary Groff in an SF Bay article on how being environmentally conscious and energy-efficient is giving enterprises access to fresh sources of capital.


CEO Series on Small Business Lending: CEO Interviews

In an interview for NerdWallet’s CEO series on small business lending, New Resource President and CEO Vincent Siciliano advised businesses seeking loans to come prepared with more than financial results and projections. “More importantly, we'd like to see your  ‘plan B’ —what if revenue doesn't come in as much as you predicted? What if your margins were hurt? What is the Plan B?”

Sustainable Industries

Redefining the 3R’s

In a column for Sustainable Industries’ Thought Leaders series, New Resource President and CEO Vince Siciliano builds on the familiar “reduce, reuse, recycle” mantra and suggests a new version of the three R’s that focuses on larger ideas about sustainability: rethink, rebuild, renew.


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