move your money

Do you know where your money spends the night?™


If it’s at a big bank, a portion of your money is out funding dirty energy, environmentally unfriendly development, toxic industrial operations and other unsustainable business ventures.

New Resource Bank customers sleep soundly because they know their money is being put to good use by solar developers and other cleantech companies, organic foods purveyors, green product and service providers and sustainably run businesses. (Learn more about who we finance).

We’re deeply committed to sustainability in our own operations too, of course. (Find out how we're sustainable). 

ATM fee rebates and rewards for debit card use are two other ways we stand out from the big guys. That's right: we reward you for using your Planet-Smart Debit Card by donating to nonprofits every time you do it. (Note: the number of ATM rebates varies by account type, from five per month to unlimited.)

The switch kits below walk you through it. And you can always give us a call at 415.995.8100.


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