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media coverage

SF Bay

Lenders Offer Green for Being Green

“We want to work with someone who is not just interested in profit, but a business that has a strong commitment to sustainability and growth,” says New Resource Vice President and Relationship Manager Gary Groff in an SF Bay article on how being environmentally conscious and energy-efficient is giving enterprises access to fresh sources of capital.


CEO Series on Small Business Lending: CEO Interviews

In an interview for NerdWallet’s CEO series on small business lending, New Resource President and CEO Vincent Siciliano advised businesses seeking loans to come prepared with more than financial results and projections. “More importantly, we'd like to see your  ‘plan B’ —what if revenue doesn't come in as much as you predicted? What if your margins were hurt? What is the Plan B?”

Sustainable Industries

Redefining the 3R’s

In a column for Sustainable Industries’ Thought Leaders series, New Resource President and CEO Vince Siciliano builds on the familiar “reduce, reuse, recycle” mantra and suggests a new version of the three R’s that focuses on larger ideas about sustainability: rethink, rebuild, renew.

The Guardian

Small values-led banks take on Wall Street behemoths

"Growth and profitability are essential, but they are means goals, not ends goals. The end goal is building a more sustainable community," says President and CEO Vincent Siciliano in The Guardian’s in-depth profile of New Resource Bank.

Banking Boulevard

Interview with Vincent Siciliano

President and CEO Vincent Siciliano discusses New Resource Bank’s sustainability focus and how it advances its mission with Stéphan Darimont, founder of the international banking site Banking Boulevard.

Bloomberg Businessweek

America's most promising social entrepreneurs 2012

Bloomberg Businessweek editors named New Resource Bank to its shortlist of 25 entrepreneurial businesses tackling social issues, and asked readers to vote for a winner. The editors narrowed the original list of 300 suggestions based on whether they had sufficient scope, impact and ability to sustain themselves.

American Public Media Marketplace

Investing in sustainability: Banks get a green thumb

In an interview with Marketplace’s David Brancaccio, President and CEO Vince Siciliano talks about how New Resource takes a broader view of business and society, and integrates social values into sustainable banking.


How to be sustainable across all assets in your portfolio

In an excerpt from the book HIP Investor, R. Paul Herman profiles New Resource Bank as he offers advice on how to construct an investment portfolio that supports companies working to solve human needs.

The Huffington Post

'Too big to fail' banks less profitable and more risky than sustainability-focused banks

In a recent Huffington Post article HIP Investor’s R. Paul Herman and Tom Bowmer consider whether the approach taken by New Resource Bank and other sustainability-focused banks makes financial sense. They argue that it does: “By loaning capital that ultimately serves core human needs, this sustainable approach to banking can deliver higher returns for bank investors—and better results for society.”

Sustainable Industries

Money with a mission

“The economic world follows a set of rules that are sterile, without values. But money represents our stake in the economic system. It represents who we are as economic beings. We don’t have to acquiesce to this notion of money without values—we can use money as an expression of our values,” writes New Resource President and CEO Vince Siciliano in a recent Sustainable Industries article, in which he considers money as means of expanding community and a medium for driving change.


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