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media coverage

The Huffington Post

'Too big to fail' banks less profitable and more risky than sustainability-focused banks

In a recent Huffington Post article HIP Investor’s R. Paul Herman and Tom Bowmer consider whether the approach taken by New Resource Bank and other sustainability-focused banks makes financial sense. They argue that it does: “By loaning capital that ultimately serves core human needs, this sustainable approach to banking can deliver higher returns for bank investors—and better results for society.”

Sustainable Industries

Money with a mission

“The economic world follows a set of rules that are sterile, without values. But money represents our stake in the economic system. It represents who we are as economic beings. We don’t have to acquiesce to this notion of money without values—we can use money as an expression of our values,” writes New Resource President and CEO Vince Siciliano in a recent Sustainable Industries article, in which he considers money as means of expanding community and a medium for driving change.

GreenMoney Journal

Investing Deposits for a Sustainable Economy

In a recent GreenMoney Journal article, New Resource President and CEO Vince Siciliano discusses the bank’s strategy for investing in businesses that advance sustainability. “We can retake control of our money,” Siciliano writes. “We can look at the system and say ‘I want to use my money in a way that promotes a better place to live.’”


How the REINS Act fails small businesses and the economy

In this opinion piece written for the CNBC website, CEO Vince Siciliano responds to an editorial by Representative Sam Graves on the REINS Act, which recently passed the House of Representatives and would give the House de-facto veto power over nearly all regulations coming from federal agencies.

San Francisco Business Times

‘Bank Transfer Day’ signals shift in protest to deposits

The San Francisco Business Times article discusses how Bank Transfer Day (Nov. 5) affected Bay Area financial institutions and quotes New Resource CEO Vince Siciliano.

NBC Bay Area

Banking on change

During the evening newscast, NBC Bay Area’s Brent Cannon talked to New Resource CEO Vince Siciliano and SJSU Economics Chair Lydia Ortega about the national Bank Transfer Day protest and the push to get people to leave their big banks.


The small bank, the small business and the benefits of thinking local

In a NerdWallet interview CEO Vince Siciliano talks about how the Occupy Wall Street protestors inspire him: “We should all occupy our own personal Wall Street. Think about where you shop, where you bank, where you invest, whom you employ and what you eat. All those things represent votes for a certain type of economic community.”

The New York Times

Amid Wall Street protests, smaller banks gain favor

The New York Times features CEO Vince Siciliano and profiles the bank in a DealBook article discussing how the Occupy Wall Street movement and Bank Transfer Day campaign have inspired individuals and businesses to abandon big banks in favor of community and mission-centered banks like New Resource. In October, New Resource added 150 new accounts and $1.5 million in deposits, the article notes.

Fast Company

The financial institutions banking on Occupy Wall Street’s “Move Your Money Day”

This Fast Company article highlights New Resource’s Move Your Money campaign and quotes CEO Vince Siciliano: “People are coming in and saying, I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, and this Occupy Wall Street and Move Your Money Day have pushed me off the wall of inertia.”

Sustainable Life Media

New Resource Bank’s sustainability scorecard quantifies customers’ commitment and progress

“New Resource Bank has a radical (for a bank) proposition: attract values-aligned deposits and use those funds to make loans exclusively to improve sustainability,” writes EVP and Chief Credit Officer Bill Peterson in a recent Sustainable Life Media article, in which he discusses how the bank assesses borrower sustainability.


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