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Green Tech Media

Debt Financing Tied to Solar Project Pools Will Spur Growth for Residential Developers

Debt financing based on solar loan pools will be the proving ground—and a good path to securitization for many developers.

Huffington Post

Have a Hot Food Company? Here Are Few Tips on Finding the Right Financing

What's the next food trend poised to sweep the nation? It will be the companies that not only provide great products but also make good financing choices as they grow.

Green Tech Media

Expanding Small Commercial Solar Requires a Big-Picture Approach to Financing

GTM Research recently predicted a revival of small commercial solar projects. With about 5.6 million commercial buildings in the U.S., nearly 75 percent of them measuring 10,000 square feet or less, we are looking at a massive opportunity to increase renewable energy generation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from building operations. Financing for small scale solar is often challenging but our Chief Credit Officer Bill Peterson offers some innovative solutions to support the growth of this market.

IBS Journal

Case Study: New Resource Bank

While its main differentiator is ethical banking, San Francisco-based New Resource Bank cannot ignore its technology, particularly given a relatively tech-savvy customer base.

Aljazeera America

American consumers mostly bank on profits not the ethics of saving

Vince Siciliano, head of California-based New Resource Bank, has what he thinks is an abrupt question for people asking about his business and where they might put their hard-earned savings.“Do you know where your money spends the night?” he asked. “They haven’t thought about that, and I tell them it’s not in a mattress and I assure you it’s not in a vault either. It’s out there somewhere in the world, doing something.”

Guardian Sustainable Business

Do you know where your money spends the night?

“When you take a long-term perspective and you manage yourself not just for financial but [also for] community and environmental returns, that becomes a very resilient business and a profitable business over the long-term,” says New Resource President and CEO Vince Siciliano in this interview on New Resource’s unconventional approach to banking and why it matters for people, planet and prosperity. 

American Banker

Community Banks Carve Out Niche with Environmental Focus

“Banks are the financial engines and should be playing a key role in change. It would be good if they were conscious about the impact of what they are financing,” says New Resource President and CEO Vince Siciliano in this American Banker feature on banks that are thriving by focusing on sustainability.

Huffington Post

Top 3 Reasons Banks Say No to Loan Applications from Great Businesses

In this blog for the Huffington Post, New Resource Senior Vice President Gary Groff gives growing businesses an insider look at why banks might say no to loan applications—and what businesses can do to increase their chances of getting a yes.

NEXT Accelerator

How asset-based lending can help you out of cash flow jams

In this article for the New Hope Natural Media site NEXT Accelerator, New Resource Senior Vice President Gary Groff explains asset-based lending and how it can help companies with cash-flow dilemmas obtain the funds they need now to fuel revenue growth on the horizon.

Sustainable Brands

The Key to Growth Without Compromise: Finding the Right Financing

In an article for Sustainable Brands, New Resource Vice President Gary Groff  shares the success stories of three mission-driven companies whose key finance strategies were based on choosing funders that understood the opportunities in their sector and supported their mission.


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