business online best practices

At New Resource Bank, we want to make sure you understand what you can do to keep your accounts and money safe.  Following are some steps you can take to protect yourself from online fraud:

  • Install and use a browser security program:  New Resource Bank has partnered with a leading security software provider, Prevx (a Webroot company), to offer you their secure browser program free of charge.  Find out more
  • If possible, do all your online banking on a dedicated computer that isn’t used for email or any other web browsing.
  • Ensure your virus and spyware protection programs are installed, protecting and up to date.
  • When possible, separate duties so that transactions are drafted by one user and approved by another.   We suggest  you request your online banking setup be configured with “dual control required” – just let us know which transactions you want to enforce this on.  The system also has the ability to set limits on the users where anything above a certain level needs to be approved by a different user.  This is another easy way of giving users freedom to do everyday items while limiting the risk of mistakes or fraud.
  • Setup transaction level approval via a phone or text message.  We can setup your online banking account to require that every transaction be approved through a phone (via text message or a phone call).  This ensures that if your computer browser is compromised, no transactions that move money outside your accounts can be completed without approval.  You can take this one step further by requiring certain transactions need a code from a third party security token (a small device with a algorithm generated number than changes every 30 seconds or an app on your smartphone that does the same thing.)
  • We recommend setting your high activity accounts up with Positive Pay service.  This service ensures that only checks that you’ve issued or ACH originators that you’ve approved are allowed to post to your account.


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Beginning on October 25, personal / consumer users will be required to register their browser within online banking. This is a onetime process that is quick and easy -- just follow the prompts after signing in.