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planet-smart blog: re:think
We are excited to announce the launch of our 2015 Impact Report. This year we have rebranded our Impact Report, which was formerly known as our annual Sustainability Report.   Photo courtesy of our client, Flora Grubb  
On September 18, about 40 nonprofit leaders gathered together for a morning workshop hosted by New Resource Bank on “Fundraising Strategies for the Missing Middle.” The event was facilitated by Third Plateau Social Impact...
Bob Marisa Roger
New Resource Bank’s latest re:think program, on May 1, brought together a panel of energy efficiency experts who provided a complete picture of how businesses can save money and help meet local and state climate action goals, and...
New Resource Bank - Speakers
Purpose, people, pleasure and profit are trumping the traditional product, price, place and promotion as the new “4 P’s of marketing,” Annie Longsworth told attendees at New Resource Bank’s re:think event on Oct. 3.
How can nonprofits grow and thrive while honoring the desires of donors who want most or all of their money to directly fund programs? By creatively applying private-sector funding approaches to support operations and by using artful...


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