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planet-smart blog: renewable energy
Biofuels are among the promising solutions to our energy and climate problems, but fuel production projects are complex, and getting them off the ground requires savvy financing. New Resource is working with several clients on projects...
Photo courtesy Flickr user DrBjorn
Tillamook County, home to the eponymous creamery cooperative, has over 25,000 cows—and those cows produce a lot of waste. But Farm Power Northwest is about to turn a problem into a solution. Using manure from 2,000 cows, its...
New Resource Bank has partnered with San Bruno–based Belvedere Equipment Finance to create a solar-equipment leasing program for nonprofit customers that takes advantage of a grant program from the U.S. Department of the Treasury.
Adam Boucher - CEO - Adam Capital Clean Energy Asset Finance
Sonoma-based Adam Capital Clean Energy Asset Finance is helping to fill what CEO Adam Boucher calls a “renewable-energy funding gap”—a financing void for small to midsized solar, wind and other renewable energy projects...


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