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planet-smart blog: organics
New Resource helps hog island grow
Founded in 1983 with a five-acre lease, a $500 stake and the motto “strong backs and weak minds,” Hog Island Oyster Co. has grown to 160 acresin Tomales Bay producing over 3 million oysters annually, plus Manila clams and...
Straus Family Creamery
By definition, trailblazers don’t follow predictable paths. That’s true of Straus Family Creamery, a pioneer in organic farming and sustainable business practices.
Andean Naturals Inc
Andean Naturals Inc. aims to be the quinoa king. And that’s no pipe dream—the company, one of New Resource’s first customers, rocketed from $635,000 in revenues in 2007 to more than $8 million and a 33 percent U.S....


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