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  • Meet One Woman Saving the World through Sustainable Food

    Posted 12.22.2016

    An interview with Sarah Weiner from Seedling Projects New Resource Bank client Seedling Projects uses focused events and strategic models to engage the public in finding better ways to feed our communities. They work in step with the

  • Patagonia Teams Up with New Resource in a Groundbreaking New Deal

    Posted 07.20.2016

    Photo courtesy of Sungevity To most of us, Patagonia brings to mind fuzzy fleece jackets and cozy down outerwear. But now, with the help of New Resource Bank, the company is pioneering a groundbreaking effort to bring solar energy to more than 1,500 households in the U.S. The deal is the first of its kind for

  • How One World Play Project Changes Lives Through Soccer

    Posted 02.02.2016

    Photo courtesy: One World Play Project When Linda, a Cambodian teenager, discovered a love of soccer, her parents forbade her from playing, telling her it was just for boys. They had other plans for her: an arranged marriage to a much older, richer man. But when a group called Spirit of Soccer came to her

  • Meet the Nonprofit where 100% of Donations Go to Projects

    Posted 10.28.2015

    Remember a moment in your life when you saw something that made you decide to do what you could to make the world a better place? For Pamela Hawley, it was at age 12, during a family vacation in Mexico. She and her dad wandered off the standard tourist path and encountered a group of handicapped children,

  • Meet the Nonprofit Impact Investing Firm that Finances the World’s Rural Poor

    Posted 07.07.2015

    A woman named Saeedah in Tajikistan used to operate a small street kiosk from which she sold goods. Since receiving a microloan from IMON—one of the country’s largest non-bank financial institutions focusing on the country’s rural poor—Saeedah has expanded her kiosk into a building housing six shops, including a pharmacy, a grocery store, a beauty supply shop, a dentist, a

  • The Nonprofit that is Protecting San Francisco Bay

    Posted 04.14.2015

    In the late 1980s, San Francisco Bay’s health was in serious decline. While environmental laws were in place to protect the Bay from pollution, they weren’t being enforced, and anyone was free to dump waste into the Bay. The thousands of contaminants entering its waters led to media articles reporting that the Bay was near death’s door.

  • Meet the Real Community Champions

    Posted 03.20.2015

    Back in 2012, San Francisco Conservation Corps (SFCC), an inspiring nonprofit that serves young adults, needed a bank loan to bridge the gap between paying a contractor for their new recycling facility in the Presidio and a state grant they would receive shortly after.

  • Old Skool Café Gives At-Risk Youth a Better Future

    Posted 12.26.2014

    As a corrections officer working with young offenders, Teresa Goines saw first-hand the heartbreaking cycle of kids leaving jail, being unable to get a job and returning to prison. She also saw programs designed to help these kids constantly lose their funding. She thought there must be a better way.

  • Growth capital from New Resource fuels LED lighting company’s rapid rise

    Posted 12.09.2014

    In this era of apps and red-hot tech startups, it’s old-fashioned to sell a product door-to-door. But that’s exactly what Cole Zucker did while getting his innovative LED lighting company, GREEN CREATIVE, off the ground. He had a great product: a line of 20 Energy Star–certified LED bulbs that lasted longer and were more efficient and less expensive than those

  • DeepRoot helps city trees grow and thrive

    Posted 08.28.2014

    “If you could reduce our business to one line,” says Leda Marritz, creative director of  DeepRoot, “it might be trees need soil.” In particular, city trees—which usually compete for land with sidewalks and streets. San Francisco–based DeepRoot is on a worldwide mission to nurture the urban forest, providing city trees the loose, rich soil they need.

  • Ritual Coffee starts a sustainable caffeine revolution

    Posted 07.16.2014

    When Eileen Hassi Rinaldi moved to San Francisco in 2003, she loved the city’s food, farmers’ markets and proximity to wine country. “But the coffee was so far behind what I was used to in Seattle,” says Rinaldi. “It was shocking.”