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sustainable management

We are honored to win an award for Community Partnership in Sustainability

New Resource Bank Award
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New Resource Bank

It's been a week of celebration at New Resource Bank for our commitment to the community. In addition to being on the B Corps 2014 Best for Communities list, we won the San Francisco Business Times award for Community Partnership in Sustainability. The Community Partnership in Sustainability award goes to one company that has shown a commitment to sustainability above and beyond the average. We were so honored we were chosen to win!

New Resource 2014 sustainability report covers new metrics, tracks progress

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New Resource Bank

Our second sustainability report, Banking for Good, chronicles progress toward our goals during 2013, with new impact metrics from the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) and expanded coverage of our community, environment and governance activities. It is available here and in print by request.

Re:think report: Blue Bottle Coffee, Saatchi & Saatchi S leaders discuss building a strong and ethical brand

New Resource Bank - Speakers
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New Resource Bank

Purpose, people, pleasure and profit are trumping the traditional product, price, place and promotion as the new “4 P’s of marketing,” Annie Longsworth told attendees at New Resource Bank’s re:think event on Oct. 3.

Leadership beyond the triple bottom line

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Vince Siciliano

Note: This post by New Resource President and CEO Vince Siciliano originally appeared in Sustainable Industries as part of the online magazine’s Thought Leaders series. We’re running it here as an illustration of how New Resource is extending sustainability thinking and as an example of the perspective on sustainable management that we share with clients. --Editor

Bank debuts sustainability assessment

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New Resource Bank

New Resource is introducing a Sustainability Assessment program for new and renewing loan customers in the fall. The program, now in final testing, involves an initial interview and questionnaire, a customized sustainability toolkit based on the customer’s answers, and an annual assessment. Based on their questionnaire score, customers will be ranked as a learner, achiever, leader or champion, and New Resource will provide them with resources to help them improve. The assessment, which is separate from credit criteria, will help New Resource ensure that the bank and its customers are advancing sustainability.

New Resource brings environmental policy to life

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New Resource Bank

How do you make sure an environmental policy isn’t just another checked-off item on your sustainability projects list (“Yep, we have that”), but something that informs the everyday actions of people throughout your organization?
 New Resource faced that question when the staff Green Team realized that no one was reading the bank’s environmental policy. It not only needed an update, it needed a life beyond the page.
 The team went over the policy—a list of standards and relevant goals—point by point, deleting goals that had been met, making others more challenging, and adding targets. The bank then committed to bringing the policy to life, and is taking these actions:

  • Lunches hosted by President and CEO Vince Siciliano to walk all staff members through the policy
  • A sustainability challenge asking everyone to agree to work on nine items in the policy and come up with other things they want to do
  • Environmental action contests geared toward meeting specific goals
  • Incorporating the policy and expectations around it into the orientation process for new employees

“We don’t want to just put up the policy and have it never be read,” says Gary Groff, branch manager and Green Team chair. “We’re trying to build it into the fabric of the bank. 
“We’re starting with the lunches so that people recognize the importance of the policy—the CEO is introducing it—and understand it and buy into it,” he adds. “We want to do this in a way that lets everyone recognize the positive effects of adhering to it, for the business and themselves.”
 Key elements of the environmental policy include:

Waste diversion: New Resource aims to divert 90 percent of its waste from landfill (and may soon raise that goal to 95 percent). The bank composts and recycles, not just the usual materials but also soft plastics, e-waste and Styrofoam.

Environmentally friendly purchasing:The bank looks for the most Earth-friendly option with every purchase—which is not the sacrifice some might think. “The cost has been negligibly higher or not higher at all, and the quality has been as good,” Groff says.

Transportation:New Resource subsidizes public transportation for commuters and provides City CarShare to employees who need a car for meetings. The bank also buys third-party verified renewable energy certificates to offset employee travel as well as electricity use.

Download the full New Resource Bank Environmental Policy here.


San Francisco Green Business Program — New Resource used the program’s standards as a basis for its policy.

iReuse — New Resource uses iReuse to track waste diversion.


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