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  • How to Log In to the New Online & Mobile Banking

    Posted 08.14.2017

    Welcome to our new Online Banking! Below are the steps you will need to follow for your first-time login on our new system. All users including business online banking sub-users will need to follow these instructions to log

  • Q&A with Kay Adler: Transitions, Growth and Looking Towards the Future

    Posted 08.01.2017

    Executive Vice President Kay Adler has been with New Resource Bank since 2011.  She has demonstrated impressive knowledge managing IT while expanding her expertise and passion for sustainability. Prior to coming to New Resource Bank, Kay managed IT at two credit unions and two community banks in San Diego, giving her a firm understanding of the technological needs

  • Meet the Organization Addressing Inclusion One Student at a Time

    Posted 07.31.2017

      Ninth graders who apply for the Level Playing Field Institute’s SMASH Academy – an intensive summer program to teach science and math skills to underrepresented students of color – go through a rigorous process similar to a college application. They write an essay, get interviewed, submit references, and take a math test; only 20% are admitted. But

  • EMV-Enhanced (Chip) Technology: Important, Necessary, and Secure

    Posted 07.19.2017

    Photo credit: Hello cardholders! You have probably heard the exciting news.  On Monday August 14, our system is getting an upgrade. This update will include new-and-improved online banking, mobile banking, and an exhilarating addition of new debit cards with EMV-enhanced (chip) security features! Before we swipe away our old system, we want to make sure we answer

  • The Economy of Well-Being: Are You Rooted in the Ego or Eco-based Economy?

    Posted 07.07.2017

    Photo credit: 123rf Reflections from our CEO Would you rather accept $1,000 today or $5 million in 100 years? I frequently ask this question of audiences and the majority respond that they would prefer the money today. Why? $1,000 is useable now, whereas $5 million is a sum that none of us will benefit from in our lifetime;

  • Impact CD Update: Summer 2017

    Posted 07.06.2017

    The New Resource Bank Impact CD lets investors choose one of three impact areas to support with their deposits: clean energy projects, organic and natural products or nonprofit organizations. In the second quarter of 2017, organic and natural product lending became the most popular choice, followed by lending to nonprofits and clean energy projects. We currently have $12.3 million invested

  • Did You Know You Can Insure Your Business Against Cybersecurity Fraud?

    Posted 07.06.2017

    Photo credit: 123rf Businesses are increasingly the target of various cybersecurity fraud schemes.  Since 2013 the most common scheme has been wire fraud. In a typical scenario, the email address of the Chief Executive Officer or Chief Financial Officer is spoofed and fraudulent wire instructions that are very similar to actual wire instructions are sent, leading to substantial

  • New Resource Bank Joins the Climate Collaborative to Fight Climate Change

    Posted 06.23.2017

    In response to our government’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, many states, cities, universities and businesses have voiced their commitment to climate action. The imperative is clear for the business community to step-up and take meaningful steps to address climate change. One way New Resource Bank exemplifies its commitment to climate action is through the Climate Collaborative,

  • New Resource Bank Greens Its Employees’ 401(k) Investments with New Fossil-Free Options

    Posted 06.22.2017

    New Resource Bank’s commitment to the triple-bottom-line of people, planet and prosperity now extends to its employees’ retirement plans! With the help of retirement advisers at Green Retirement, Inc. and impact advisers at HIP Investor, the bank introduced a new 401(k) plan option that allows our employees to eliminate coal, oil, gas and other fossil-energy producers

  • New Resource Bank Proudly Supports Sacramento River Basin through terrapass

    Posted 05.08.2017

    Photo credit: The Nature Conservancy In our ongoing commitment to protecting the environment, New Resource Bank kicked off our annual purchase of BEF Water Restoration Certificates from terrapass to balance the water usage that we are unable to eliminate in our daily operations. Each certificate represents 1000 gallons of water restored to critically de-watered freshwater ecosystems. For 2016, we purchased 121 million gallons

  • New Resource Bank Celebrates Earth Day...Sort Of!

    Posted 05.01.2017

    New Resource Bank had an eventful kick-off to Earth Day on Friday, April 21st, but the celebration was short-lived due to a power outage that prevented us from taking part in further planned celebrations throughout the day. That didn’t stop the team from enjoying a great morning that included an Earth-friendly organic breakfast, a visit from Captain Planet, and a Green Team demonstration of